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just ramblings and day to day life. Trauma caused by volunteering as a seamstress for the school play, raising children, dogs and ducks, heirloom gardening and so on. Living in a tiny town where you know everyone by name and they sure as hell know your parents and will tell them what you're up to. Basically all the little stuff that makes life interesting and, hopefully, fun.
…it is not social conservatism, as lazy pundits call it. It is a radical theocratically-based attack on modern liberal democracy; and on modernity as a whole. It would conserve nothing. It would require massive social upheaval, for example, to criminalize all abortion or keep all gay couples from having any publicly acknowledged rights or status. Then think of trying to get women back out of the workplace or contraception banned—natural, logical steps from this way of thinking.

Andrew Sullivan on Santorum. (via thesmithian)

- I wish more people would realize this.  They don’t want status quo, the want a whole new world, one where only wealthy white men have any power or more correctly ALL the power.